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Our Managed Solutions are tailored to align with your business goals. With access to our team of specialized expertise, we have the capability to assist you with shifting your focus to the most critical business initiatives. Our goal is to introduce more business efficiency by improving underperforming functions, take on the administrative burden, and introduce business development strategy for your ongoing success.

By working with us, you can benefit from:

  • Subject matter expertise specific to your business and aligned with your business timelines

  • Operational problem solving and introducing technology for efficiency gains

  • Access to a pool of talent without the permanent overhead cost and concern of managing employees through your business

  • Efficient cost management strategy by working with our consultants to scale up or down as needed

  • Continuous business improvement as we work to grow alongside your business

RNH-BPO has experience assisting SMB clients across virtually any industry. We intend to handle projects and utilizing proven project management strategy from discovery and planning through post-delivery support and reporting. Our capabilities include:

  • Human Capital Management Systems (HCM)

  • Payroll Administration

  • Tax & Compliance

  • Service Center Solutions

  • Technology Strategy & Operations

  • Software Services

  • Cloud Solutions

  • And more...

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Our team of skilled consultants spanning across various disciplines have the ability to build a feasible strategy, then develop a game plan by leveraging our unique and flexible talent pool. As we are a privately managed corporation, our focus is on establishing ongoing and effective working relationships with our clients. As such, we are happy to calibrate our support based to fit your needs and budget. Finally, utilizing our onshore and dedicated staff can provide immense relief by preventing you from chasing down large-scale global enterprise vendors as well as cost relief from the expensive pricing structures of competing BPOs.

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